RT Enigma Codes


  1. Can you crack the Enigma code? Each number in this puzzle represents a letter of the alphabet
  2. Solve our Enigma code by correctly allocating each letter to its corresponding number
  3. All letters of the alphabet are used
  4. The Enigma code is set in a crossword format, each row or column will spell a word when completed correctly
  5. We have given you a starting either a letter or letters to get you started!

Alternatively, if you’d like to play offline simply, select the print button to print the puzzle and complete in written format

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  1. Use your understanding of the English language to deduce which letter of the alphabet should be allocated to which number.
  2. When you have allocated a letter to a number add it into the relevant numbered box in the grid below the Enigma code. That letter will automatically appear in all of the corresponding numbers on the main grid.
  3. There is a timer above the Enigma code for you to track how long the puzzle takes you to complete.
  4. To reset your game simply hit the reset button above the Enigma code.
  5. To save your game just hit the save button above the Enigma code. The timer will stop at that point and your game will be saved ready for when you revisit.
  6. To find saved games visit “MY GAMES” at the top of the page. A list of all of your saved games will be listed here. Simply hit play on the game you wish to rejoin.
  7. If you need a little help simply hit the hint icon above the Enigma icon for an extra letter.