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You can view any puzzle answer at any time by simply selecting the reveal button underneath each puzzle. You can also get hints by selecting the hints button.

A hint is a letter or number that can be revealed within a puzzle. Click on ‘Hints’ to receive a random letter or number hint.  You can use up to 5 hints per puzzle. If you give up completely just hit ‘reveal’.  Please note you can only use the reveal function 7 days after starting the puzzle

If you go to the My Account section, you can view your previously submitted puzzles and answers underneath. Alternatively you can go back into each Puzzle and select the ‘reveal’ button.

The timer will start as soon as you open a puzzle. The timer will only pause as soon as you press save and exit and will resume when you revisit the puzzle. Once the puzzle is completed correctly the timer will stop and display the time taken to complete the puzzle.

If you are playing a puzzle and would like to pause and save it to finish at a later date, click ‘Save and Exit’ to pause the timer. You can save a puzzle at any point in time and go back to it via the ‘My Account ‘section.

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Yes, Radio Times Puzzles is supported on Apple devices

Although you need an internet connection to access the puzzles on Radio Times Puzzles, there is a handy print function, so if you prefer to complete your puzzles offline you can simply print off and puzzle at your leisure.