1. Our word search is designed to test your ability to find hidden words within a square 17-letter by 17-letter grid consisting of 289 seemingly random letters.
  2. The words to be found are shown in the grid to the right of the puzzle.
  3. All words to be found are taken from the English Oxford Dictionary.
  4. To complete the puzzle all words must be found.
  5. The letters compromising the words are in consecutive order with no breaks between letters.
  6. Words can be found horizontally, vertically, forwards and backwards.
  7. Words may intersect with each other.
  8. Separate words may use a letter already used in another word.
  • All
  • Cryptic
  • General


  1. If using a mouse, once you have found a word in the puzzle grid from the words listed to be found, click the first letter of that word and drag your cursor to the last letter of the word.
  2. If using a mobile or tablet device, tap the first letter of the word and then drag to the last letter.
  3. If correct, the word will be highlighted in green.
  4. If incorrect, the word will not be highlighted.
  5. Once a word is found and correctly highlighted, the word in the grid to the right of the puzzle will automatically be crossed out.
  6. There is a timer above the word search for you to track how long each word search takes you to complete.
  7. To save your game just hit the save button above the word search. The timer will stop at that point and your game will be saved ready for when you revisit.
  8. To find saved games visit “MY GAMES” at the top of the page. A list of all your saved games will be listed here. Simply hit the game you wish to rejoin.
  9. If you are stuck and need a helping hand, hit the reveal icon above the word search and we will find a word for you. You can have a maximum of 5 hints.