RT Track Word


  1. Using the letters provided, find as many words as you can.
  2. Words must be at least 3 letters or more long
  3. Letters may only be used once (unless there are two or more of the same letter, in which case the letter may be used as many times as it appears in the puzzle)
  4. Words will only count if the letters used form an unbroken line. The next letter in the word must be either directly above, below, to the side or diagonal to the preceding letter. For example, if your word starts with the letter in the bottom left hand box the next letter in the word must be either the bottom middle box, the centre box or the middle right box. You cannot jump from bottom left to top right. The letters must connect.

Alternatively, if you’d like to play offline simply, select the print button to print the puzzle and complete in written format

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  1. To enter a word, select the letters in order of the word, then click the green tick.
  2. If the word is accepted it will appear under the game.
  3. If you enter an incorrect letter, or make a mistake simply hit the remove button and the letter will be removed.
  4. The number of words you have correctly entered will appear above the puzzle.
  5. There is a timer above the Trackword puzzle for you to track how long each puzzle takes you to complete.
  6. To start a new game simply hit the button with a cross above the Trackword puzzle.
  7. To save your game just hit the save button above the Trackword puzzle. The timer will stop at that point and your game will be saved ready for when you revisit.
  8. To find saved games visit “MY GAMES” at the top of the page. A list of all of your saved games will be listed here. Simply hit play on the game you wish to rejoin.
  9. If you are stuck and need a helping hand, hit the reveal icon above the Trackword puzzle and we will offer you an extra word!
  10. To reset the game completely just hit the reset button above the Trackword puzzle.